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A human resources professional’s responsibility is to recruit, screen and interview employees for a company. Some people may think that the job is easy, but that’s far from the truth. Not everyone can be a HR professional, and even lesser people can be an outstanding one.

Are you planning to work in the human resources department? Do you have what it takes to hire candidates on Jobstreet efficiently? Here are five qualities that make an excellent human resource professional:

Knowledgeable in human resources

This quality may seem obvious, but it is crucial for you to have a core foundation in the functions of Human Resources if you want to be one of the very best. You must be able to solve problems like an employee being paid wrongly or handling a sexual harassment investigation professionally. You must also deal with these problems with a calm head.


The most crucial skill you must have as a HR professional is communications. Without the ability to listen or talk to the people around you, you wouldn’t be able to do your job! An excellent HR personnel will have no problem understanding an employee’s obstacle and find solutions for them. Besides verbal communication, HR professionals must also be well in written communication.

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Impartial and objective

As a human resources professional, you have to be a neutral party. Your personal opinion doesn’t count, especially when handling a work incident or employee issues. You must work well under pressure and make decisions based on logical facts, not emotions. If you have problems being objective, it’s best to step out from the problem and let someone else handle it.


Nobody would want to approach a dishonest HR professional. They must have a person they can open up to without judgement, and you need to keep all that information confidential. If you lose the trust of your employees, it will hurt your reputation and career in the long run.

Time management

No one can predict the workload a HR professional faces. Some days go slower with minor issues; other days you are loaded with unexpected problems. That is why it is crucial to have good time management and self-discipline if you want to be an excellent HR personnel.


If you’re aiming to be an excellent HR professional but don’t have all the skills stated above, don’t worry. You can still learn and improve yourself if you try your best.

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