shaves2u review

A month ago, I signed up for a Shaves2U account and ordered the Shaves2U Trial Kit. It was after bumping to the salespeople of Shaves2U outside a train station, where they were promoting their brand and product. I guess they did an excellent job convincing me to buy their products as here I am today.

Ordering process

Shaves2U is unique as they handle their business online. Everything is primarily done on their website, including ordering and customer service. For introverts or lazy people, it may be a better choice than dropping by a physical retail store.

So I placed my order online, and I had to do is wait for it to arrive. It came to my house after five days in a small package that says ‘Trial Kit.’

shaves2u review

My review

For my trial kit, I ordered the five-blade razor. Other than the razor, the package also comes with a tube of shaving cream.

The blades are sharp, and they do an excellent job shaving the hairs of my face. It didn’t require too many strokes for a clean shave. The lubricating strip on the shaver also protects my skin from getting razor burn.

As for the shaving cream, I thought it’s good for lather. It definitely helps in the shaving process and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I was that kind of person that used soap as lather, but Shaves2U has changed me now.


Overall, my experience with Shaves2U is a positive one. I’m looking forward to getting my next package. If you didn’t have a good experience with the trial kit, you can cancel your subscription within 14 days and there will be no charges.